Every Tuesday the Rotary Club of Bixby has the finest lunch programs in the area. We enjoy wonderful meals, as well as informative and entertaining speakers.


We meet at Michael Vā€™s Restaurant located in the Palazzo Shopping Center at 103rd & Memorial.


Contact any Rotarian or listed officer about attending a Rotary Club of Bixby meeting.




Thank you for joining us

at the Rotary Club of Bixby.


The Rotary Club of Bixby has members not only from Bixby but much of South Tulsa county. You will be speaking to the top business professionals in the area.


The information on this page is intended to help you as you plan for speaking at our Rotary Club. You can contact the Rotarian who arranged for your visit if you have any general questions.


The three things that we need from you are:


1. Send a summary of your biography and a paragraph about the subject of your presentation as soon as your date has been booked to: Richard Oltman at roltmann@blueskytechok.com so that we can promote your speaking engagement on our website.


Please look at our home page to see the type of story we use. Resumes are not helpful. A paragraph or two on you and your topic are what we prefer.


2. Prior to your speaking engagement, send all AV requests to: Jason Koebele: jkoebele@ymcatulsa.org. We must have prior notice to be prepaired.


Please note: If you are using PowerPoint, it should contain mostly photos. Participants in the back cannot see words on PowerPoint slides smaller than 44-point.


You should also bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone. You may need a cable or adaptor that will plug into a standard VGA or HDMI input on our projector.


We have cables and adaptors on hand but they may be in use for club a presentation.


For more information on the Rotary Club of Bixby, please explore this website.



3. On your speaking day, please arrive no later than 11:30 am for lunch. CLICK FOR MAP. The meeting begins at 12:00 with the pledge, prayer and announcements.


Please plan your talk for about 20 minutes. If time permits, some Q&A is welcome. The meeting normally ends at 1 pm.




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